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The Last Lesson

Jun. 10, 2013
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If the school bell rang

calling all my students back

the line would wind for blocks

through the neighborhood

passing solid brick homes

with gardens of peony and iris

passing homes of neglect with

boarded windows and untended lawns


If I called them all back

would they remember

their classroom, friends, teacher

would they listen and believe me

as before

would they still push in line

wanting to be first


What lesson would engage them now

their lives busy with house payments

night classes and children of their own

best to read a poem


      Hold fast to dreams

                  for if dreams die

                  life is a broken-winged bird

                  that cannot fly . . .


One last lesson


speaking softly of dreams



Janet Leahy 



Janet’s poems have been published on line and in a variety of anthologies and literary journals.  Her most recent collection of poems is "Not My Mother's Classroom."

She will read at Apple Blossom Books in Oshkosh on June 25th


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