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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Wednesday, June 26 @ Harley-Davidson Roadhouse, 10 p.m.

Jun. 10, 2013
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Based on their raucous early output, nobody would have pegged Yeah Yeah Yeahs as a future legacy band, but here they are over a decade later, one of the last remaining bands from the early-2000s garage-rock boom that anybody still cares about. Their only real competition in that regard is The Strokes, but comparing the complete and utter lack of buzz around The Strokes’ new Comedown Machine to the eager anticipation leading up to Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ latest album, Mosquito, makes it clear which act now carries the prestige.


So how did a group that critics once assumed, at best, would burn bright and fast, end up becoming such an institution? Through constant innovation and reinvention. By the time Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their 2004 full-length debut, Fever to Tell, they had already left behind the unhinged punk of their early EPs in favor of a warmer, wider emotional palette—hence “Maps,” one of that decade’s great ballads—and they’ve kept the surprises coming with each new release. And while Mosquito isn’t the group’s best album by any stretch of the imagination, it’s open and exploratory, the work of a band that’s still availing itself of new muses, as evidenced by its soaring, gospel-touched opener, “Sacrilege.”


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