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Matt and Kim

Friday, June 28 @ U.S. Cellular Connection Stage, 10 p.m.

Jun. 10, 2013
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A portrait of constancy, Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino have always seemed to revel in their Matt and Kim-ness. Their songs are always that same gleeful shade of indie-pop, the same emotion painted over the same synthesizer and drum duo with the same delightful bounciness. It’s a great mystery of Brooklyn how the Pratt Institute two-piece has found four albums worth of material. But if they don’t show much range, their chief strength is in their incredible precision in turning out music for when only a Matt and Kim song will do. And Summerfest should be one of those times—sunny, energetic music for a cheerful summer music festival. Will there be a ballad? A symphony-sized traveling band? A blistering guitar solo? Probably not. But there will be Matt and Kim doing exactly what you’d expect. And sometimes, that’s all you need. 




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