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For Sports and Travel Fans

Z Travel’s Zac Fowler

Jun. 11, 2013
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Z travel has been hosting tours for the last three years. Groups go round the world for outings and parties: breweries, concerts, derby days, sporting events and wine tastings. Owner and operator Zac Fowler leads the charge. He sat down with Off the Cuff to discuss dodo birds, crickets and green (and gold) illusions.


What does Z travel do? 

Fun. If it is fun, we do it and host it. You name it, locally. During winter we go international. 


Are there really still travel agents? I thought they went out like dodo birds and gas station attendants who pump gas. 

Yes, we still exist. The buying power of group travel and comfort of hosted tours can never be replaced. Although…I do miss gas station attendants. 


Anybody tell you your busses look like grasshoppers? Maybe praying mantises? 

They’re not really green. They just look that way if you’re a true Packers fan. 


Can you really drink on the busses? 

It is why we hand out free can koozies on all Packers tours. 


Speaking of whom…saw your photo. Probably your favorite, hey? 

I love all Wisconsin squads. We are lucky to have such great teams and stadiums here. But I am a huge Packers fan. I’m at almost all the games, wearing cheese hats and things with fur. Everyone should experience Lambeau Field, I believe. I love December games especially. Better when it snows. Better still with a nice warm ride waiting, knowing I will not have to drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic thereafter.


Favorite player? 

Donald Driver, easy. Classy guy, true team player.


On the flipside: why pay for a tour when tailgating is free? 

Tailgating is always fun, certainly. But at Lambeau, for instance, we have a VIP spot across the street. We get there plenty early. We host the party—all-you-can-eat brats and burgers, unlimited canned beverages and premium drinks. No clean up. We have indoor bathrooms and live music. If you add up everything you buy and bring, our way is actually cheaper.


Favorite story from a tour? 

I helped a mom surprise her son, recently returned from Afghanistan, on leave. We went to Lambeau. She surprised him with a Welcome Home Banner. The DJ played “I’m Proud to be an American.” The whole crowd went up and shook his hand. Being a vet myself, it was really moving.


The “Z” in Z Travel—is that for the return trip? What people do after the tour, on the way back home?

Perhaps, perhaps. Safe, stress-free travel, homebound. Watch a movie, drink a cold one, take a nap. The choice is yours.


For more information, visit ztraveltours.com/about/, call 608-751-7513 or email coachzf@aol.com.


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