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Saturday, June 29 @ Harley-Davidson Roadhouse, 5 p.m.

Jun. 12, 2013
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Bucking against the mysticism of their indie-rock contemporaries, Yeasayer often talks openly in interviews about the influences infused into the Brooklyn group's songs. Although they borrow from African polyrhythms, gospel and psychedelic rock, the band has more in common with arty dance freaks Animal Collective and Gang Gang Dance than any of those more classical inspirations. Their electronic textures and strange melodies garner a more modern sonic landscape.

Reaching their artistic peak with a string of inescapably accessible tunes off sophomore record Odd Blood, Yeasayer showed their true potential with joyous standouts like “Ambling Amp,” “Madder Red” and “O.N.E.” In some ways, their follow-up, 2012’s Fragrant World, seems like a minor step back. Without any strong hooks, the album can be a tough listen, especially considering their promising past material. A closer inspection, however, finds the atypical songsmiths at perhaps their most experimental. The album pulls in progressive, R&B and new age sounds and creates unstable yet eerily danceable rhythms.

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