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Cold War Kids

Sunday, June 30 @ U.S. Cellular Connection Stage, 10 p.m.

Jun. 12, 2013
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The tastemakers of the Internet era can make a band overnight, as Long Beach, Calif.-based Cold War Kids learned in 2006, when the online chatter surrounding a string of solid EPs and incendiary live performances netted the band a recording contract with Downtown Records. The band’s debut album, Robbers & Cowards, more than lived up to the hype, as songs such as “Hang Me Up to Dry” showcased a band blending post-punk, soul and gospel into an innovative, original sound.

Yet the tastemakers that help break bands like Cold War Kids tend to move on to the “next big thing” rather quickly, a reality that often dooms former “it” bands to the dustbin of history. Thankfully, Cold War Kids have been able to exist outside of the constant glare of the virtual spotlight. The band has worked hard to grow its audience by touring with such acts as Death Cab for Cutie while continuing to put out quality records. The band’s latest offering, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, was released this spring. (Michael Carriere)


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