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New Kids on the Block

Tuesday, July 2 @ Marcus Amphitheater, 7:30 p.m.

Jun. 12, 2013
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The oldest band on a three-act nostalgia tour, the New Kids may be pushing the lexical boundaries of their 30-year-old name. But the same things that make it easy to poke fun at the lesser Wahlberg and his aging crew of singing friends make it hard to acknowledge exactly how influential NKOTB really were. They were the mold from which the late ’90s boy band boom was cast, a Top-40 and suburbia-friendly version of New Edition, bolstering bubblegum pop stardom with coordinated dance moves and blue-eyed urbanism. And as their lucrative comeback tours have attested, they’ve proven far more resilient than any of their detractors could have imagined.

New Kids on the Block’s winkingly titled “Package Tour” features an interesting supporting cast of vintage pop acts, coming from both the right and left of New Kids on the Block on the street cred spectrum: the pure-pop boy band 98 Degrees and the ’90s R&B standard bearers, Boys II Men. (Joe Uchill)


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