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Jimmy Eat World w/ Super Happy Fun Club

Sunday, July 7 @ BMO Harris Pavilion, 8 p.m.

Jun. 12, 2013
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Jimmy Eat World
Any comprehensive history of modern indie-rock must at least reference Jimmy Eat World. Formed in Mesa, Ariz., in 1993, the band quickly encountered an underground music scene still inspired by the “harder, faster, louder” mantra. The act’s early material added a much needed dose of melody and dynamics to a scene that, by the early 1990s, had started to stagnate.  And while it would be a stretch to claim the group created the sub-genre of “emocore,” they did succeed in effectively mainstreaming this now-established sub-genre. Jimmy Eat World’s first two albums for a major label, 1996’s Static Prevails and 1999’s Clarity, helped launch the careers of countless emo acts while setting the stage for their breakthrough album, 2001’s Bleed American.

Jimmy Eat World has spent the majority of the 21st century trying not to be overshadowed by the massive success of Bleed American singles “The Middle” and “Sweetness.” Thankfully, the band has been able to move beyond such a career-defining album, continuing to craft songs that push the act in new directions. Jimmy Eat World’s eighth studio album, Damage, arrived in June.



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