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My Burrito Man

Jun. 20, 2013
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After a ten hour day of serving extra-large cups of milk fat

sugar to people who for some reason always tend to whisper when ordering

like I’m their drug dealer and I’m dealing drugs on the street or some

shit I got to the bus stop just in time jumped onto the bus and paid the stupid two twenty

five because of course I left my bus pass at home didn’t realize I got onto the wrong

bus but knew it would get me within six blocks of my apartment

I decided it was Qdoba time haven’t been there in a while and a vegetable

burrito oh man I’m not mad at that so I go to the burrito joint and I’m the only one in

line which means good things to me the burrito maker says white or wheat and I say

white he says white or fried and I say white before he can ask I say black beans thank

you he asks me if I’m a tortoise and I say what he asks again if I’m a Taurus what’s my

sign he asks and I say nah man I’m a Libra I like to think I balance shit out

he says ooo girl I thought you were a Taurus I’m a Taurus cuz I’m bull

headed  ooo girl you seem like you bull headed sometimes I feel like a Libra cuz

in my family I’m a little bit of good and a little bit of bad ya know

I get my extra-large burrito he didn’t even charge me for my extra vegetables

how nice he says I made his day and should come in everyday I know where

he be I walk one block to my apartment take a fat bite out of my burrito

made by my burrito man and think to myself ooo girl



Samantha Willis is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, finishing up her degree in Art History.  Samantha finds solace within the local art community, where she currently works for the organization Made In Milwaukee, and is employed by the UWM INOVA galleries, hoping to one day curate spaces throughout the world.


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