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Soul Medication (CD Baby)

Jun. 23, 2013
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On the best of her Soul Medication debut, Milwaukee diva Jameela weds her warm, emotionally resonant alto to a technologically updated re-imagining of early-’80s R&B. English acts of that era with significant United States black radio crossover, such as Junior Giscombe and Loose Ends, sound like significant influences on her producers. The generally minimal vibe surrounding Jameela’s vocals, which bear some resemblance to current soul gospel hit makers Anita Wilson and Tamela Mann, mesh well with the romantic, encouraging and imprecatory songs of her own writing. Jameela could benefit from assistance in tightening up her melodies and touching up her tunes’ lengths with a bit of judicious editing. As those matters are sorted out, the promise heard in Medication should be even more potent.


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