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Heroes of the Week: Larry Under the Bridge Volunteers

Jul. 10, 2013
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Larry, previously a homeless man, is now giving back to those who are living on the streets through his Larry Under the Bridge ministry. In July 2012, Larry requested and received support from the Divine Intervention ministry at Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church to start a program that gives bagged dinners and supplies to campers and homeless people. Each Sunday, Larry, Kathy of Norb’s Group and numerous volunteers deliver dinners to at least 30 campers and homeless people at three strategic locations and a few other sites in the greater Bay View area. Necessities such as toilet paper, bug spray, camouflage tarps and sleeping bags are given out when available. All year round, Larry dedicates his time to personally checking up on campers as often as possible.

“All of us are about pulling together for the greater community good,” says Karen Hagen, pastor at Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church and volunteer for Larry Under the Bridge. “Larry continues to care for those he knows and those he hasn’t met yet and is trying to involve as many people as possible to engage with the community’s homeless.”

Larry Under the Bridge is seeking financial support as well as volunteers who can help locate tents, camo tarps and sleeping bags to give away. Those interested in assembling dinners, assisting in driving supplies to the Bay View locations and helping with fundraising efforts are always welcome. In addition, gardeners who can donate fresh veggies or work at Tippecanoe’s community gardens that provide food for the homeless can call the church at 414-481-4680. For more information, visit tippechurch.org or contact Hagen at 414-702-7997.


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