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Building A Shipwreck In the Deserted Sky

Jul. 28, 2013
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I've begun to staple broken-down boxes

to my walls story mapping

windows into the cardboard


with felt tipped pens 



Constellations of memories emerge 


as imagination’s guide


through impassible weather 


in  treeless mountain altitudes 





In India I traveled  the Monsoons


following them north 


from Darjeeling through Nepal 


to Rishikesh and finally 


their summer home in Dharamsala




To be removed by rain

snowed-in by cold

is a reason to stay still

The miles of open cold air

in the San Luis Valley

provide the logic to live

within a inner world

centered on daily life.

In my backpack from Japan

the black tea pot  


carried wrapped in cloths

Drinking tea 


waiting to warm with the sunrise 


has the same pleasure 


as feeding birds by hand

Joshua lives in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains above the San Luis Valley, the highest alpine desert in North America.  He loves dogs.


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