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Engineers for Engineers

CORE Consulting’s Jesse Daily, Matthew Buerosse and Jo Rodgers

Sep. 25, 2013
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Can you describe the services CORE has to offer?

Daily: We pretty much have a few key acumen, one being contract or consulting engineering services. We do a lot of what we call technical recruiting, finding an employee for a company that would be either on a contract or a direct basis. We do a lot of technical training. So if we have an engineer that has a particular skill set but doesn’t have the right technical skills, like how to use a CAD [computer-aided design] tool, we’ll develop that CAD skill set in house to make sure that that’s not the roadblock for them getting hired. Product isn’t what we are—it’s all about people.


Rodgers: Not only do we train our own employees for placement within Milwaukee, but we offer training to our clients as well. Everything we do is engineers for engineers.


Daily: Another service offering we do is outsource design. So a company may come to us and not have a need to hire an employee. They’ll call us up and we’ll do the product development here.


Buerosse: So to us, from the employee side, it’s all about cultivating and growing people’s careers, their personal engineering knowledge and career aspirations. For our clients, it’s really about looking at what they need as far as engineering services are concerned.


Can you tell me about your educational outreach?

Daily: One thing that I think has really differentiated CORE from other institutions is our great relationships with educational institutions in the Wisconsin area. We partner with about 90 high schools on a philanthropic basis to get them involved and using CAD modeling software. Because everybody in the industry was progressing faster than education was, these kids were coming out without the CAD experience they needed. So we work a lot with the high schools to get them using these CAD tools. We also have very strong relationships with Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette, UW-Milwaukee and UW-Madison. I think we’ve probably worked with 5,000-6,000 students since we started in 2007.


Rodgers: CORE actually sits on an advisory board for MSOE, where we communicate what we’re seeing in our industry and what we need out of college graduates. And then we’re also doing that on a smaller level, attending career fairs at these schools where the primary goal is to educate the students on what they need to do in order to work for us when they graduate. We place a high importance on working closely with educational institutions so there are enough people in that work pool that we can employ.


3D printing gets a lot of press these days. You offer this service as well?

Daily: In 2010, we bought the most state-of-the-art technology available, Objet Technology, which is now Stratasys. We’ve got a lot of different materials, different types of finishes, different material flexibilities and strengths. 3D printing allows the engineer to see and touch—get that return in investment and that understanding of what they’ve created.


Rodgers: CORE really is a full-service engineering firm—3D printing is only one of the services we provide. What sets our 3D printing apart is that we have engineers here who can consult with you on your design, talk about the design strength, talk about how it works with our 3D printer. So when I say we are engineers for engineers, that’s really where CORE has the edge. We provide a really fast turnaround with high-quality trained engineers who are going to look at your part and make recommendations.


Daily: 3D printing allows you to really make any object. And that’s just the beginning, folks. Some day they’ll be able to take your DNA. You’ll need a replacement foot and they’ll be able to print you a foot that will be ready to go with your correct toenails on it, aged and everything. The one thing left is: Can we 3D print a soul?


To learn more about CORE Consulting, visit core-usa.com.
















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