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Casual Middle Eastern Dining

Moe’s Grill offers a great selection of entrées, soups and salads

Oct. 3, 2013
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Brutal, perilous and notoriously competitive, the restaurant business has been known to chew entrepreneurs up and spit them out, leaving piles of debt and feelings of disappointment in its fitful wake. So, in the rare instance when a venture defies the odds, reaching the six-month mark with its sense of optimism intact, a celebratory toast, or at the very least an acknowledgment, is in order. Since opening its doors in February, Moe’s Middle Eastern Grill has endeavored to establish itself as a premiere East Side casual Middle Eastern dining restaurant. Modestly sized and simply decorated, the family-owned and -operated business’s décor may appear plain to the discerning eye, but it is amazing how unnecessary pressed tablecloths and strategic lighting become to the dining experience when you’re enjoying some of the best falafel in town.

Delicious fried balls of ground chickpeas are but one of the delectable dishes available at Moe’s Middle Eastern Grill. The menu offers a gorgeous selection of freshly chopped salads, like the salata arabiya, salata fattoush, salata khiyar wa rayeb (a cucumber yogurt salad) and the salata bil tahiniah, a zingy, flavorful combination of diced tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and tart tahini dressing. All priced at $4.99, the salads complement Moe’s sandwiches, soups and entrées.

Served with rice or salad and a bowl of soup, Moe’s main offerings range from grilled lamb shish kebabs ($12.99), chopped beef shawerma ($11.99), and minced beef kofta ($11.99), to lighter options like baitinjan bil furun (baked eggplant dish, $7.99) and the filling vegetarian platter ($9.95).

One of the restaurant’s most popular entrées, the vegetarian platter includes one hot appetizer, four cold starters, a small side salad and a homemade bowl of lentil soup. Beautifully presented and thoughtfully prepared, Moe’s eclectic assortment of hot and cold starters includes kibbeh (pan-fried meatballs), batata harra (spicy diced potatoes with red peppers), kulaj (grilled pita bread and halloumi cheese), hummus, mtabal (grilled eggplant with green and red peppers), baba ganouj (puréed eggplant with tahini, garlic and lemon juice), and imshakal, a small plate of olives, pickles and pickled turnips that perfectly accompanies most of Moe’s often-overlooked Palestinian fare. 


Moe’s Middle Eastern Grill

1814 N. Farwell Ave.




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