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Confessions: Oct. 4

Oct. 4, 2013
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  • I want to be with a woman so badly that I think about it constantly. The problem is that I'm a "straight" woman who's afraid to cross over. I'm soooo longing to find the woman who will make me want to. A woman that isn't my married best friend.
  • I am an out and happily partnered lesbian who secretly fantasizes about having sweet and crazy sex with her married male co-worker.  I further confess that part of me is writing this to get it out of my system and part of me hopes that he will see this and come find me in the supply closet the next time I'm in there.
  • One of the reasons I donate blood is that I'm in love with one of the phlebotomists. The issues are she's married w/children, and she's 17 years younger than me. I've alluded how I feel - but not completely - because I'm afraid of what could or would happen if she does discovers how I really feel. I don't want to spoil a wonderful friendship but I do wish we could be more than just friends.
  • My friend just had a baby.  Every time I see the baby I think “thank God my kids were never that ugly.”
  • I beg my girlfriend to have sex with another man so that I can watch.
  • I have a close friend that I’ve known for 25 years.  Even though I tell her I love her like a sister, I always look for excuses to not spend time with her.
  • You really weren’t as fabulous as I told you.  Average is a much better description.
  • I know I said I’d do anything for you, but that’s only because I didn’t really think you’d take me up on it.
  • My boss is young, handsome and single. I am a happily married woman about 12 years his senior. I find it difficult to pay attention in our weekly closed door meetings because I can't help thinking about a particular fantasy. My fantasy is to strip tease for him until he takes me passionately on his desk. I am going to make the fantasy a reality this week. I will post an update soon.
  • I wish you wouldn’t drink so much because I feel like I have to get tipsy too just to have a normal conversation with you.  I’m afraid if this carries on I will become an alcoholic too.
  • I feel like my coworker is favored by our management even though I am the one that puts in all the work, overachieves and busts my a** every single day. I am about to lose my mind!
  • Over the weekend I was cleaning the house and I found a pair of women’s panties. I confronted my husband in a rage that he was cheating on me until he confessed that they were his and he has been hiding the fact that he enjoys wearing them under his business suits.  I am still not sure how to feel about it.
  • I work in the ER and the same man comes in on a regular basis having tried to kill himself. I have seen him cut his wrists, take bottles of pills, and jump from a moving vehicle. He is still alive and I just want to scream in his face to give up and accept that he has a purpose to live!
  • When you text me late at night and ask if you can “use me” it makes me feel excited and worthless all at the same time. Please just love me, it will make all of this easier.
  • I think I spend more time telling you that I don’t love you just to convince myself it’s true. I do love you, I just know better than to act on it anymore I’ve come to realize that we stopped actually being friends years ago. I will never understand why you traded me in for your “new friends”…I feel like I made you who you are and I deserve some credit for that.



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