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Anniversary Celebration Brings Back the Love

Plus: Three’s Finest House Wine

May. 20, 2008
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  Chuck Love’s musical diversity may have landed him a spot with crossover label giant Om Records, but it’s his musical understanding that has kept him on the radar of the underground electronic audiences for more than three years.

  The Minneapolis musician didn’t start impacting the house scene until early 2005, when his breakthrough Frozen in Minneapolis EP debuted on Miguel Migs’ Salted Music impact. Backed by the commercially savvy appeal of an artist such as Migs, Love’s multi-tasking music style became a hot commodity at clubs across the country.

  But it was Love’s musical sensibility and live instrumentation that kept new-school house audiences engaged beyond the conventional solo-sax offerings of traditional tracks. A seasoned musician of several bands, Love’s career highlights included penning the theme song to the cult television classic, “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” He played in several bands and had hardly considered himself a DJ prior to his foray into house.

  But once Love stepped up, there was clearly no stepping down. Since taking to the decks, he still taps an arsenal of instruments during his performances, which include everything from flutes and keyboards to trumpets and—yes—saxophones. The release of his 2006 Summer Sessions compilation on Om, followed by his first full-length album, Bring Enough to Spill Some, have proved that his ability to work a crowd over in key isn’t limited to live play. As an artist, his accessibility to underground and commercial audiences proves that he stands creatively centered in the realm of DJ and musician.

  Lucky for Love, his talent has helped him master both roles.

  Chuck Love returns to Milwaukee to celebrate Three’s (722 N. Milwaukee St.) seven-year anniversary on Saturday, May 24. Opening sets by Angel Eyes and J.C. Disko. Music 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

A Good Year: Anyone who has ever been duped by the prowess of fine wine will appreciate Wally Callerio’s style. Like the unassuming nature of a cabernet, it’s that rare bottle that jumps up and bites. Consider Callerio house music’s humble equivalent. The founder of West Coast-based Dufflebag Records has kept a relatively low profile on the production front as of late, but continues to surprise with fluid, funk-based house sets that flow more freely than wine itself. A former member of Toronto’s Apt Entertainment roster, Callerio’s quiet style finds its own audible way to kick on the dance floor. Releases on labels like Aroma, Classic and Magnetic prove that as a DJ’s DJ, Callerio is certainly savvy on the craft of the music carafe.

Wally Callerio performs on Saturday, May 31 for The Step Up at Three. Chicago’s Stephen P. and Milwaukee’s Obed Medina open the show. Music 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. No cover charge.


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