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Dec. 9, 2013
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A shiny shiny delicious pistol under the bed in the new new house. Next to the new new ocean clean of the little shiny t-shirts. big cholera stampede. We raise praise a shiny knife in salut of factory wine

the same time you shoot a little guy of the sea filled with tiny tiny babies, the bright chlorine sea which is home. The flashy star cameras, top brass, the t-shirts with shiny knife fights cut into his guts &

the stars come out only as pistols. They are running running a 5K marathon on the beach splashing on the whalebone ladies posing on the boardwalk with aquamarine colored drink drinks celebrating

they touch and  say goodbye what if the stars don’t recognize him the stars he does not call them, just tiny beings without knives or delicious pistols or math teachers preparing future future nuclear 

animals not trained to do your call of duty dirty work his belly is empty of sand & now so is the sea. The sea is a marriott courtyard pool with dead little guys & someone is paid to come out with a net

to net the bleeding gills so not to offend the beachfront property that rises rises in monetary value next to a clean clean ocean. big star stampede. We praise raise a shiny knife. In salut of factory pistols

delicious gates to keep out tsunami babies the same time you shoot a little girl who has never seen the sea which she dreamed could be her home. They are running running away from the aquamarine 

but we stay when we are stars made out of top brass & nuclear marathons drinking wine on our beachfront property that keeps rising rising rising next to an ocean of cholera marriotts wearing shiny 

Shiny little t-shirts posing for the flashy star cameras, the math teacher preparing us for war pools emptying of little animal babies, their tiny tiny guts emptied out onto the sandy whalebone floors.

Nikki Wallschlaeger's work has been featured in Spork, Word Riot, Storyscape Journal, and others. Her chapbook I Would Be the Happiest Bird is forthcoming from Strange Cage Press. You can reach her here at  nikkiwallschlaeger.com  On Friday, December 13, at 7 P.M. Nikki will be reading at the Burdock 13 release at Woodland Pattern. Other readers that evening include Margaret Rozga, Paul Vogel, Susan Firer, Jim Chapson, Brian Quinn and more!


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