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Heroes of the Week: Walnut Way Conservation Corp. Volunteers and Staff

Jan. 8, 2014
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Sharon and Larry Adams and their neighbors wanted to revitalize their Lindsay Heights neighborhood, home to more than 2,700 families, into a residential area where people felt safe to leave their homes. So in 2000, Walnut Way Conservation Corp. was born. This nonprofit strives to have the community take responsibility for the area’s transformation and, as they put it, “is committed to creating economically diverse neighborhoods, fueling environmental stewardship, engaging residents and creating venues for prosperity.” Some of the many revitalization projects include monthly Neighbor Nights, which includes financial literacy training, youth programming, addressing unemployment, home restoration and teaching healthy environmental practices. Walnut Way’s two largest projects for 2014 are restoring and renovating their 2240 N. 17th St. headquarters after a devastating fire occurred this past September (the restored building will include wheelchair accessibility), and the construction of their Innovation and Wellness Commons on North Avenue.

“Our staff and volunteers are incredible,” says Sharon Adams, Walnut Way’s executive director. “What I love is the way our volunteers and staff connect. We do have an orientation, which allows us to look at ourselves as assets so we are a positive force. I love the way volunteers come to increase their own feelings of goodness by being connected to positive energy. And they all work so hard!”

Walnut Way is seeking donations to help with the restoration of their fire-damaged headquarters. In addition, volunteers of all skill sets are welcome and those interested can visit their website to view current postings. For more information or to make a donation, visit walnutway.org or contact Sharon Adams at 414-264-2326.


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