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Marty’s Pizza serves Italian-American comfort food

Rectangular Pizzas and Other Delights

Jan. 10, 2014
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Since opening in 1957, Marty’s Pizza efficaciously transitioned from celebrated pizza place to beloved institution by serving up traditional Italian-American comfort food in a casual atmosphere at affordable prices. Nearly 60 years later, Marty’s Pizza boasts two locations, offers online ordering and runs a successful catering business that hosts special events. And while Marty’s has clearly embraced the changing times, recent visits to the Brookfield location revealed that this local favorite has managed to retain much of its old-fashioned charm without being outdated.

In addition to its impressive assortment of customizable submarine sandwiches, savory toasted melts and hefty one-third-pound hamburgers, Marty’s extensive menu also features classic pasta dishes and Italian specialties, including fettuccini alfredo ($6.99-$9.99), chicken parmigiana ($9.99), spinach lasagna ($9.99), mostaccioli ($5.99-$6.99) and spaghetti and meatballs ($5.99-$6.99). Covered in a satisfyingly mild traditional marinara sauce, the spaghetti and meatballs in particular provides a comforting and filling respite from the bitter cold. Served with either garlic bread or fresh homemade bread, a simple dinner salad can be added to a pasta dinner or dinner platter for an additional cost, while the antipasto salad ($6.95)—which can serve approximately two people—is the perfect prelude to one of Marty’s signature pizzas.

Prices vary by size, from $9.75 for a small (10-by-10-inch) cheese and pepperoni pizza to $47.85 for one party-sized (14-by-36-inch) sausage, cheese, onion, mushroom and green pepper-covered creation. Nearly all of Marty’s rectangular pizzas feature the same mild pizza sauce and quality mozzarella cheese. Available in eight different sizes, patrons can select their own toppings or choose from one of Marty’s topping combinations like the Deluxe Works Pizza (large, $22.85), the All Meat Deluxe (large, $22.85) and the well-seasoned and highly recommended Garden (large, $22.85), a delicious combination of onions, cheese, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives and thinly sliced tomatoes.

Customers will also find cause for exploration below the menu’s specialty pizzas heading, under which familiar selections like the Hawaiian and Meatball pizzas are listed alongside more creative and excessive culinary endeavors like the bacon and cheddar cheese-covered Chicken Club pizza (large, $22.85), the self-explanatory Taco (large, $21.25), the ambitious Barbecue Chicken (large, $22.85) and the colossal Bacon Double Cheeseburger (large, $19.65). And while the menu may continue on, the list of Marty’s specialty pizzas is boldly and appropriately punctuated by the Bacon and Scrambled Egg Pizza (large, $21.25), which promises both breakfast and Canadian bacon, and mozzarella and American cheese on Marty’s classic crust.

A second Marty’s is located at 2580 Sun Valley Drive, Delafield. 


Marty’s Pizza
16630 W. Bluemound Road, Brookfield




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