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what it does

Jan. 13, 2014
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                                                what it does



                        it sings,supernovas,cools

                        blazing rocks.curls tides,draws

                        flies,blasts the tree lid

                        back.sprouts wings,spines,parches

                        dino bones.increases its supply

                        of machine guns.goes

                        wild for Spring.darts,fakes

                        ,screams past satellites.lets

                        the market crash.blushes

                        in the nude.cries,shape-

                        shifts,loses at chess.is sy-

                        mmetry,tragic and fierce.

                        bursts,reckons itself a

                        green field.makes a good

                        case for new tele-

                        scopes.sees eons in its

                        fingernails.keeps God at







Michael Bernstein is a Chicago, USA-born writer and musician. His poems have appeared in publications such as New American Writing, milk, Moria, and BlazeVOX, as well as in numerous chap and ebooks. He currently resides in Milwaukee, WI.


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