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Glass Nickel’s Homemade Pizza Crust

Jan. 15, 2014
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Located at 1504 E. North Ave., Glass Nickel Pizza’s Milwaukee-themed, post-industrial interior (read: kick-ass gear-themed tables and metal accents) adds a unique style to the area’s lively restaurant scene. Pies are GNP’s forte, bringing together homemade crusts (hand-tossed, thick and regular-thin, plus cracker-thin and gluten-free options), fresh ingredients and a multitude of specialty topping combinations. The Fetalicious is a proven favorite, topped with chunky marinara, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, spinach and Feta, and veggie, breakfast pies, and vegan options are available as well. Their Italian-inspired menu is rounded out with delicious pastas, salads, subs, pocket pizzas and a load of appetizers. And don’t overlook dessert—really tasty are the bite-sized, cinnamon-sugar-and-glaze-covered dough puffs called Cinna-Nuggs. They seriously outdo any other cinnamon-sugar treat around. With great service, a cozy atmosphere and delicious comfort foods, you can’t go wrong when you eat at GNP.


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