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Jan. 20, 2014
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for Lisa Fishman




twenty second paper comb

tattoo apostrophe plural

& fewer than orchard oriole

orchard oriole furrow


furrow rows & hands collapse

sisterly quince & Douglas fir

currant throated clover fold

& suddenly light soaks


the comb to seal & measure

as many wasps as will fit


& scold notes northern harrier

meddle clouded sulphur mint

to spot the spots of pollen

& ruby floating twenty third




                                                                                    Orfordville, 14:vii:2013




Chuck Stebelton is author of _The Platformist_ (Cultural Society, 2012) and _Circulation Flowers_ (Tougher Disguises, 2005). He works as program director at Woodland Pattern Book Center. He is one of 150 poets participating in Woodland Pattern's 20th annual poetry marathon on Saturday, January 25th.


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