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Comes with Galore

Feb. 11, 2014
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Dabs of light on the pocket
Oblivion is always legal
Hey, you know, there
are sweet accidents and
hair with unearthly sheen
Stand aside for the keel of litter

There never were any heroic marbles
They stifle everything that hard
Even stone rings of fragility
It is plenty they attend to
and the perversion of taste
that comes with galore

Mercurial responses then splat
Brilliance at a mere simmer
while she considers her odds
As chance has it they are infinite
She sees herself scurry and hide
She claps an eye before white lines
and lives on up close
to where the beautiful king






John Godfrey  has lived in the East Village of Manhattan since the late 1960s. He received a B.S. in nursing from Columbia University in 1994, and, from 2003 until his retirement in 2011, Godfrey was Head Nurse in the Family Care Clinic of Kings County Hospital Center, which specialized in HIV/AIDS care for pediatrics, young adults, and especially the treatment of infected pregnant women. He is the author of 11 collections of poetry, the most recent of these being Tiny Gold Dress (Lunar Chandelier, 2012). In 1984 he was a fellow of the General Electric Foundation. He received fellowships from the Foundation for Contemporary Art in 2009 and from the Z Foundation in 2013. On February 15th at 7pm at Woodland Pattern, Godfrey and John Koethe will read as part of Woodland Pattern's Milwaukee Poets Laureate Reading Series.


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