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Feb. 17, 2014
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Sing me that     sing me

this way    Terrycloth bathrobe


stains on the collar

She asked me about shame


I said like a stain


Off and write my drugstore

reading glasses   this is new


o Philip Whalen   I have tatty fingers

clutter container arrangement and lack


of shelf liners     My kitchen cabinets

won’t close   (show poorly organized spices)


I spell dying in the bone yard

            The light in November dies


A hand from the dead on your leg

stabbed jean pants    the scared story


Our windows need hair dryer

plastic treatment    healing less quickly now


The house drafts         My finger cuts






Born in the Mekong Delta and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Hoa Nguyen studied Poetics at New College of California in San Francisco. With the poet Dale Smith, Nguyen founded Skanky Possum, a poetry journal and book imprint in Austin, TX where they lived for 14 years. The author of eight books and chapbooks, she currently lives in Toronto where she teaches poetics in a private workshop and at Ryerson University. A gathering of her early, uncollected poems, Red Juice, will be released by Wave Books in September 2014. Hoa Nguyen at Woodland Pattern, Sunday, February 16: workshop, 10am-1pm; reading, 2pm


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