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New Berlin’s PeachTree Offers Something Special For Everyone

Greek-American Comfort Food

Feb. 24, 2014
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A veritable celebration of stocked breadbaskets, free refills and comfort food, The PeachTree Restaurant manages to both meet and exceed diner expectations by serving affordable Greek and American cuisine in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Complete with muted televisions, wall paintings of peach trees and booths lining the interior, PeachTree rings with the bustling sound of a cafeteria and is filled with the aroma of coffee and breakfast, which is served at any time.

PeachTree’s mammoth menu features senior specials, lunch specials, dinner specials and weekly specials. Listed on the inside cover or front page of the menu, weekly dinner specials, which can be ordered in lunch portions, include choice of side, soup or side salad, and a small house dessert.

Those underwhelmed by the prospect of stuffed cabbage rolls, Swedish meatballs, roast chicken and pot roast, can choose from the popular restaurant’s selection of sandwiches, which includes subs, patty melts and triple-decker clubs, along with grilled corned beef and Swiss on rye, Philly beef and, of course, the traditional gyro.

Fortunately, the Greek side of the menu doesn’t begin and end with gyro sandwiches. Instead, it offers a variety of traditional Greek favorites including Athenian pork chops ($10.49), Greek-style chicken ($10.25), chicken shish-kabob ($10.49), moussaka ($10.49), pastichio ($10.49) and spanakopita ($9.99). Pastichio is a savory Greek casserole comprised of mildly spiced ground beef, macaroni and a thick layer of baked béchamel cream sauce. The homemade spanakopita is also worth mentioning. Served as triangular pastries, spinach, eggs and feta cheese are encased in filo dough and baked to perfection. 

On Thursday evenings, PeachTree further expands its selection of Greek favorites to include successful variations of keftedes ($9.99), tiropitakia ($9.99), dolmades ($10.25) and briam ($9.25). Often referred to as “Greek meat balls,” PeachTree’s keftedes can also be described as small, thick, pan-fried beef patties seasoned with Mediterranean spices. The dolmades (a mixture of rice and ground beef wrapped in grape leaves) are an acquired taste, as the grape leaves produce a bitter flavor that may prove too intense for some diners. But the briam, an assortment of oven-baked vegetables, carries a subtler flavor and provides a lighter option. Covered in olive oil, oregano and dill, briam can also be ordered as a side dish to one of PeachTree’s other Greek dinners.


The PeachTree Restaurant and Catering

15419 W. National Ave., New Berlin




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