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Milwaukee’s Ace of Wedding Cakes?

Where to find sweets for that special day

Feb. 26, 2014
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When planning a wedding there are few decisions that are as fun and tasty as choosing the right cake. Whether elaborate and multi-tiered or easy-to-eat cupcakes, wedding desserts have come a long way from a simple white cake topped with a miniature plastic wedding couple. Perhaps TV series like “Ace of Cakes” and “Cake Boss” raised our collective expectations, showing us that wedding cakes can be so much more. Luckily, here in Milwaukee, we are blessed with a multitude of bakeries to create the perfect confection for your big day. The following list represents a handful of the many local bakeries to consider. 


Aggie’s Cakes and Pastries

1800 E. Howard Ave.



Frequent nominee and winner in the Shepherd Express’ Best of Milwaukee contest, Aggie’s always strives for perfection. Tiered cakes or cupcakes, simply adorned or intricate and complex—Aggie’s skilled staff can do it all. They can make traditional wedding cakes, of course, but many couples want something different. One reason for Aggie’s popularity may be the big list of interesting cake flavors and fillings they offer, which allows for a good deal of customization. Budget-conscious couples take note: Aggie’s prices are a little lower than many of the other top bakeries’ in the area.


Baked Custom Desserts (inside Sciortino’s Bakery)

1101 E. Brady St.



Working as pastry chef for Peter Sciortino’s Bakery while moonlighting as a cake designer out of her home, Rachel Schmidbauer was determined to make her dream business a reality. When Sciortino’s offered her the opportunity to rent kitchen space and operate Baked Custom Desserts out of their storefront, Schmidbauer took it. For about a year now, Baked has been gaining notice and successfully turning out exquisite wedding cakes. Every cake is custom made. Couples will especially appreciate the tasting options here—pick up a box of six samples to taste in the comfort of your own home.


Eat Cake

4303 W. Vliet St.



Owner and baker of Eat Cake, Debbie Pagel, puts nervous bridal couples at ease with her friendly confidence. Part baker, part artist, Pagel creates spectacular edible art. Whether uniquely shaped or traditional tiers, no cake is too challenging. At Eat Cake, quality is as important as creativity. Pagel goes out of her way to procure locally sourced eggs and dairy to ensure the freshest product. Couples who may have felt overwhelmed at other bakeries’ “tasting sessions” will be thankful for the personal attention they receive from Pagel, who wants your special day to have a very special cake.


Milwaukee Cupcake Company

316 N. Milwaukee St.



The idea of using cupcakes in lieu of a traditional wedding cake has gained traction over the past decade. While many bakeries will happily make cupcakes for a wedding, it could go without saying Milwaukee Cupcake Company specializes in making these pint-sized treats. With a huge list of cake and frosting flavors, couples who go this route may prefer to go with mini cupcakes so they can choose several different types and offer a varied selection to their guests. Couples with dietary restrictions should know that Milwaukee Cupcake Company offers gluten-free and vegan options.


Rochester Deli

143 W. Broadway, Waukesha



A popular deli may not seem a likely place to order a wedding cake. Yet, the Rochester Deli in Waukesha boasts a thriving cake business. Dan Strackbein teams up with his daughter, Alicia, to create gorgeous cakes that will impress your guests. They specialize in Genoise, a light and rich French sponge cake, but do offer other flavors like carrot and red velvet. A fair amount of customization is allowed, but if you had your heart set on wedding cupcakes, this is not your bakery. Rochester Deli prefers to stick to what they do best, creating memorable cakes (and excellent corned beef).


Simma’s Bakery

817 N. 68th St., Wauwatosa



Winner in 2013 of the Shepherd’s “Best of Milwaukee: Wedding Cake Designer,” Simma’s Bakery was opened more than 25 years ago by a Russian immigrant. The bakery has since changed ownership, but still flourishes as a family-owned business. Top-notch pastries and morning buns aside, these folks are well known for their classically beautiful cakes. Also one of the best cheesecake bakeries in the Milwaukee area, bridal couples who want this decadent dessert at their wedding would be remiss not to consider Simma’s.


Sweet Perfections Bake Shoppe

918 N. Barstow, Waukesha



Owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Ken and Peggy Heil, Sweet Perfections has been creating stunning cakes for the past 12 years. What started as a dream in a small basement kitchen has turned into a thriving bakery business. Known for their fresh ingredients, from homemade buttercream to hand-sliced fruit, and their signature “Cheez Torte” cake consisting of layers of chocolate cake, vanilla cheesecake and raspberry preserves. Sweet Perfections’ talented team of decorators is always happy to work with clients to achieve the perfect cake, bachelor’s cake, cupcakes or pastries for your wedding.


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