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Little DeMarinis Brings Back the Original Pizza

Little DeMarinis Brings Back the Original Pizza

Mar. 5, 2014
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Early last month, fans of a Bay View mainstay, Mama DeMarinis, had something to cheer about. Little DeMarinis Pizza opened their doors February 11, much to the relief of those who’d been craving a slice of their favorite za since the original DeMarinis closed in 2012. Leading the new venture is the granddaughter of Lucille and Vincent DeMarinis. Veronica Cieslak and her husband Joe have the original handwritten recipes, so the crust, sauce and sausage will all taste just the way longtime patrons remember. For those new to DeMarinis pizza, that means a 1950s-style thin-crust pizza, loaded with fresh homemade sausage.

Little DeMarinis is located on the lower level of an unassuming American Legion Post. Patio space in front of the entrance will likely accommodate outdoor seating in warmer seasons. The interior has an updated retro feel to it. A large U-shaped bar commands half of the space, while the rest is taken up by a dining area filled with rustic-looking, faux wood-topped tables. Brick-textured walls are tastefully adorned with classic Vespa Motorbike memorabilia, as well as a few treasures from Mama DeMarinis. The ceiling is cleverly accented with an impressive collection of bottle caps. Unfortunately, lighting was a bit dim for reading; perhaps adding candles to the tables could help that.

Buttery and appropriately garlicy garlic bread ($4.50) is a pleasant way to start your meal. Or, try the homemade, crispy haystack-style onion rings ($5.50), flavorful and delicately battered. Side salads ($4.50) feature crisp iceberg lettuce, black olives, tomatoes, pepperoncini and fresh bread.

But pizza is the reason most will come to Little DeMarinis. Yes, the crust is thin, yet it still can support an amazing amount of toppings. Whatever variation of ingredients you choose, definitely include sausage. Well-seasoned and generously applied, this sausage will make your taste buds happy. Available in 10-inch, 13-inch and 18-by-13-inch sizes, prices range from $9 for a small cheese pizza to $25 for a large with the works. Additional toppings are available if you are more of a build-your-own-pizza type.

The menu is rounded out with a variety of Italian-inspired sandwiches, pasta dishes and a Friday Fish Fry.

Service was friendly and prompt. Given time, Little DeMarinis will likely gain a following of their own. Without a doubt, Lucille and Vincent DeMarinis would be proud to see where their legacy has led.

Little DeMarinis Pizza

2860 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.



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