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Heroes of the Week: The Ability Center Volunteers

Mar. 6, 2014
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The Ability Center (TAC), founded by Damian Buchman in 2009, is an entirely volunteer-run nonprofit striving to provide fitness and athletic opportunities to people with disabilities while also being inclusive to the able-bodied public. Buchman was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare and deadly bone cancer, just before his 13th birthday, but after much chemotherapy and many surgeries, he has been cancer-free since 1993. Buchman’s vision, which stems from his own disabilities, is to build a universally accessible 230,000-square-foot facility with free or discounted membership to those impacted by disabilities, including families and/or caretakers. TAC will be launching its capital campaign called “100,000 Strong for Ability” this year and is looking to break ground for TAC in spring 2015. Though the location has not yet been finalized, Buchman would love to build the center on the accessible Milwaukee Regional Medical Center campus.

“I simply cannot thank the community of Greater Milwaukee enough for taking the chance on a vision and a dream,” says Buchman. “Together we will make The Ability Center a reality not just for southeast Wisconsin, but the entire country. Not only for those with disabilities, but those impacted by disabilities as well. Not just for citizens with physical or intellectual disabilities, but for those with visual and auditory impairments. Not just for wheelchair users and amputees, but for those with Down syndrome or autism spectrum disorders. For our veterans with disabilities. For the able-bodied public. It’s about everyone having the daily opportunity to be fit, active and healthy in a universal environment—not just an ADA code of law checklist.”

Monetary donations are needed most at this time. TAC is also seeking volunteers interested in serving on its boards and committees. Sponsorships are also much appreciated. For more information about The Ability Center, visit tacwi.org or contact Buchman at 262-385-5738 or damian@tacwi.org.


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