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Feasting with the Vegans

Mar. 14, 2014
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Going vegan is a leap in our society, and the authors of Mayim’s Vegan Table (published by Da Capo) arrived by small steps. Mayim Bialik and Jay Gordon were spurred by the pursuit of healthier living but slowed by the thought that an all-vegan diet would be difficult and no fun. Admitting their mistake, the authors point to the delicious array of vegan Mediterranean foods (hummus, tahini), the healthy variety of Indian dishes (skip the yogurt and ghee) and the bean-based cuisine of Mexico (no cheese or sour cream, please). The book’s core consists of vegan recipes, spanning breakfast through dessert with stops along the way for soup, salads, snacks and entrées. Mayim’s Vegan Table probably won’t turn many people into vegans, but highlights options that are better and tastier than many might expect.


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