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Where They Drink

DRINK 2014

Mar. 14, 2014
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Kyle Cherek


222 E. Erie St.



Kyle Cherek, host of “Wisconsin Foodie” on PBS, knows that good food and good drinks go hand in hand. He believes a skilled bartender can do wonders just like some of the best cooks. “My fiancée tends to follow bartenders. The human experience across the bar is the most important. You have that, and even a shitty beer tastes better.” When he isn’t intentionally pairing his drinks with food, his favorite libation can be found at dimly lit rustic gastropub, Hinterland. The Rye Kyle, a drink named on his behalf, is comprised of Rehorst gin, a splash of rye whisky and a sugar cube soaked in bitters with an orange twist. “I said yes to hosting “Wisconsin Foodie” over a Rye Kyle in 2006. A lucky drink to be sure.” (Ciera McKissick)


Marcus Doucette

The Gig

1132 E. Wright St.


“First, I have a few favorites, but I like to keep it super local when it comes to my most regular watering hole and I think there’s a divey-ness to my tavern love as well. Given that I live in Riverwest, there are more than a few spots that could fit the bill, but I often aim for the one that’s closest to me: The Gig. Cheap drinks make it easy, it’s about as unpretentious as it gets and, though it ain’t great for a date, they’re the only bar that totally caters to my bizarre obsession with Bucks basketball (I watch almost every game). Ed, Woz, Ski, Petey, Sarah and K-Puff all know what I like: Riverwest Stein. I almost never even have to ask.” Marcus Doucette is the on-air host of the world music program “Sound Travels” on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, weekdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., as well as a DJ who plays at local bars and events. (Danielle Stevens)


Debra Loewen

The Rumpus Room

1030 N. Water St.



Wild Space Dance Company’s founder and choreographer Deb Loewen has excited Milwaukee audiences for 27 seasons with brilliant indoor and outdoor dance theater. Of this well-designed Downtown gastropub, she says: “Whatever you do, you can do there. (Lighting designer) Jan Kellogg and I worked out our Menomonee Valley show there (Acts of Wilderness, 2013). The second time we came, the bartender knew our names, what we did and what we drank. He offered suggestions for other things we’d like. They have great craft beers. I don’t drink a lot of beer and this was a perfect introduction. We go after our shows at the Stiemke because it’s so close and they serve food till midnight. One of the dancers has food allergies and they’re happy to check the ingredients. How nice is that!” (John Schneider)


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