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Apr. 9, 2014
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■ Wonderwall

This Swinging London period piece was long known mainly to record collectors for its George Harrison soundtrack. Out now on Blu-ray, Wonderwall (1968) follows a myopic, daffy scientist (Jack MacGowran) with Einstein hair and lab coat as he discovers a wilder, more colorful world while spying on his beautiful young neighbor (Jane Birkin), a model bathed in psychedelic glow. The message is hardly subtle, but the patchy film has many amusing and visually memorable moments.

Reasonable Doubt

An avenging sword of justice in the courtroom, DA Mitch Brockden (Dominic Cooper) runs over a pedestrian while driving drunk on snowy Chicago streets. He flees the scene after calling 911, but guilt and anxiety pursue him. The moral dilemma is compounded when he learns that the man accused of the crime (Samuel L. Jackson) and the victim have shady pasts, and that he has been assigned to prosecute the suspect in this terse psychological drama.

Mademoiselle C

Mademoiselle C
catches the glamor and bright lights of the high-fashion industry, where a stiletto-heeled foot is as likely to emerge from a helicopter as a limousine. The documentary’s subject is Carine Roitfeld and her move from editing the Paris Vogue to launching her own New York publication, a perfect bound deluxe product called CR Fashion Book. The film jets between meetings and runways, affording fast-pace glimpses into the expensive business of looking good.


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