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Tonight @ Mad Planet - 9 p.m.

May. 31, 2008
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In a city rife with alternative rap ensembles, KingHellBastard still stands out. The eight-member collective includes established veterans like the prolific Dana Coppafeel (who, with his viscous, quick-witted raps has established himself as one of the scene’s brightest gems in recent years) and they specialize in the kind of Pabst-swilling, party-bringing hip-hop tailor-made for a night out, albeit with an earnest streak that might be lost on the inebriated. KingHellBastard’s 9 p.m. show tonight at Mad Planet will double as a release party for Marlo, a new CD that KingHellBastard members Coppafeel and DNA recorded under the moniker Cups & Bottles.


Rolling back Barack Obama’s reforms, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has directed federal prosecutors to seek the harshest sentences for drug offenses. Is it bad policy to fill the prison system with nonviolent offenders?

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