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Apr. 30, 2014
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■ “Broadchurch: The Complete First Season”

A young boy is found dead on the beach of a remote British town, a place where the land ends in sheer bluffs above the sea. Newly arrived Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant) takes charge with sullen determination, but finds the case harder to break than imagined. “Broadchurch” is a murder mystery set in a small town with many secrets. Olivia Colman co-stars as a local police detective irked by her testy partner.


The sky fills with flapping wings in many scenes; the magic of miniaturized technology brings viewers in close for a vicarious experience of the dream of flight. Narrated by “Doctor Who’s” David Tennant with mellifluous Celtic enunciation, this BBC documentary follows birds in migration and at prey, whether devouring other creatures or (as with the cunning bald eagle) other birds. With tiny cameras strapped to birds’ wings or drones, Earthflight finds wonders everywhere in nature.

■ La Maison de la Radio

Radio France is that nation’s longstanding public broadcaster, the BBC World Service of the Francophone world. For his documentary, La Maison de la Radio, director Nicolas Philibert spent a full day inside Radio France’s Paris studio, a bustling facility producing news, weather, features and even live concerts, quiz shows and radio plays. La Maison gets into editorial nitty-gritty. “There are no commas in news flashes,” a producer insists. Unnecessary pauses will only confuse listeners.


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