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Dance Happening: Milwaukee Ballet

May. 7, 2014
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Photo by Timothy O'Donnell
Milwaukee Ballet Introduces ‘Mirror Mirror’

Marcus Center for the Performing Arts

929 N. Water St.

May 15-18

This is something special. A full-length ballet of the Snow White story by choreographer Michael Pink and composer Philip Feeney, years in the making, will have its world premiere just weeks after the glorious Pink/Feeney Peter Pan of 2010 premiered on national television. This version of the fairytale omits the dwarves and focuses on the relationship between the mirror and the characters who gaze at it. The production has acclaimed designers, live orchestral accompaniment and, best of all, performances by the fantastic dancers who inspired its creation. It’s made for adults but Pink, a dad himself, says children 8 and up will enjoy it.


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