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Keith Pulvermacher: Midwestern

May. 9, 2014
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Butler native Keith Pulvermacher sings pop-structured, radio-catchy songs with the stark accompaniment and wistful sentimentality of folk. If one counts his vocal resemblance to current country radio hit-maker Lee Brice, Pulvermacher could count as a triple-genre hybrid. It doesn’t take a very attentive listen to determine that most of Midwestern could pass for a collection of demos for commercial good guys such as Brice. Pulvermacher’s autobiographical earnestness, mostly acoustic guitar backdrop and lack of narrative tension in most songs, makes for listening that’s a touch too easy. Boding well for his future, he begins and ends his 14-track collection with his most melodically and lyrically incisive material. Pulvermacher could do well to beef up his backing. Or realize what a gift his songs may be to Nashville.


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