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Whippersnappers Make Strong Showing at Bay View Gallery Night

Jun. 6, 2014
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Bay View Gallery Night is ample proof that the neighborhood has much more on view than just a body of water. Already in its fourth year, this precocious event consists of more than 50 local businesses hosting more than 200 artists and musicians. Although the exhaustive menu can be found at bvgn.org, allow your faithful steward to note a few offerings by young organizations and young artists to be held Friday, June 6.

At one month old, Haven Art Center is Bay View’s newest gallery. Welcome it to the neighborhood and enjoy the exhibition of a slew of local artists working with watercolors, ceramics and other media from 5-10 p.m. For the first time BVGN will feature the art of children. The earnest efforts of juvenescence will be on display at the Bay View Neighborhood Association’s First Annual Art Competition held at the local library from 4-6 p.m. The competition will overlap with an exhibition put on by middle and high school students from 5-7 p.m. in the Innovation Gallery. If, like Whitney, you believe the children are our future, here’s your opportunity to see “all the beauty they possess inside.”


“Scrutiny After The Glimpse” and “AGOD”

Haggerty Museum of Art

530 N. 13th St.

Two new exhibitions opening June 4 commence summer at Marquette University’s Haggerty Museum of Art. “Scrutiny After the Glimpse” names not only this chronologically and stylistically diverse suite of portraits, but also the proper way to view it. If the works have been meticulously installed to highlight how context invests a work with meaning, only scrutiny will reveal these meanings themselves. Thorne Brandt’s “AGOD” (an acronym for “animated GIF of the day”) is a psychedelic collage of GIFs—graphic interchange formats—which Brandt created, one-per-day, over the course of three years. What’s the diagnosis for acclimating too quickly to the chaotic barrage of animated stimuli?


“Nature Morte”

Inspiration Studios

1500 S. 73rd St.

Beginning on June 6, West Allis’ Inspiration Studios presents the work of visual artist, performance artist and art model, Renée Bebeau. In “Nature Morte,” Bebeau transforms the exhibition space into a funeral parlor complete with paintings, installations and an indoor grave in which viewers are invited to plant seeds, meditating all the while on their own goals for rebirth. The show continues until July 2, and at 4 p.m. on June 8, the artist will perform her piece “Rebirth.” Attendees will go home with seeds whose growth is to serve as a valuable example to be followed.


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