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Sprecher Beer and Milwaukee Pizza

Delicious combination at the local brewery

Jun. 10, 2014
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Local beer enthusiasts have been pairing tall mugs of Sprecher beer and piping-hot pizza since 1985. Sprecher Brewing Company recently decided to take that familiar combo a step further early this year when they joined forces with the creative team at Milwaukee Pizza Company. Known for their ingenious topping choices and crisp, “Milwaukee Style” thin crust, the Milwaukee Pizza Company was a solid choice to create pizzas featuring Sprecher’s beer and other products. According to Erik Burgos, co-owner of the Milwaukee Pizza Company, “We were already using some of Sprecher’s products in our recipes, so we approached Sprecher with a co-branding idea.”

Burgos and the Pizza Company’s other co-owner, Nick Smith, created three pizzas exclusively for the Sprecher brand, which are only available at the brewery. Each of the pizzas start with a hearty Sprecher Irish Stout pretzel crust. “All of the Sprecher pizzas are really delicious with the pretzel crust,” says Burgos. “It’s something different.”

The popular Wisconsin beer-brat pizza skips the traditional red sauce, based instead with a sharp cheddar cheese ale sauce made with Sprecher’s Amber Ale and topped with Usinger bratwurst, onions, mozzarella and more sharp cheddar. The spicy pulled-pork pizza features a Sprecher beer and barbeque sauce base, topped with mozzarella, provolone, sharp cheddar, pulled pork, onions and jalapeños. The chicken-bacon pizza is based with the same great Sprecher beer and barbeque sauce, topped with mozzarella, provolone, chicken, bacon and red onion.

Anyone concerned about serving pizzas made with alcoholic beverages to minors can rest assured that the alcohol cooks off in the baking process. “Just the flavor remains,” confirms Burgos.

In addition to the three standard pizzas, seasonal pizzas will come and go throughout the year. The first seasonal was a corned beef dinner pizza which came out for St. Patty’s day and was available for a month. A summer seasonal pizza is in the works, but not ready for release yet.

The collaboration between Sprecher and the Milwaukee Pizza Company has been working well. Patrons of the brewery have been happy about this relationship too. The only way to sample these creations is at Sprecher. After brewery tours, visitors have the opportunity to order and enjoy a hot pizza right there ($12), or purchase them frozen from the gift shop ($9.95).

For more information, visit sprecherbrewery.com or milwaukeepizzacompany.com.


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