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Bikers, Beaches and Bachelors—Ruthie Tackles Them All!

Jun. 16, 2014
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Before diving into “Hear Me Out” this week, I’d like to thank everyone for reading it. So many of you have expressed how much you’re enjoying the column. I’d like to give you all a smooch on the pooch! That is, with the exception of the guy who mailed me photos of his schmekel. To you, sir, I remind you that sending such unsolicited photos through the mail is a federal offense…although in your case, a minor one. That said, let’s read a little email and check out the happenings around town.


Dear Ruthie,

Since the change in Wisconsin’s marriage laws, my boyfriend’s been dropping hints about marriage. We’ve only been together for six months! Don’t you think that’s too early, regardless of sexual orientation? It’s great seeing all these same-sex couples tying the knot, but that doesn’t mean we should all grab our boyfriends and run to the altar. Am I nuts?

Bachelor Bob


Dear Bob,

You are nuts. Grab your honey tonight and sign your life away like the rest of the married folks. Don’t want an entirety with this guy? Tough! Suck it up and enjoy years of waking up to this man, knowing that he’s never going home.

No, that’s not right. While it’s wonderful that marriage rights have moved forward in Wisconsin, it doesn’t mean you have to move forward in your relationship this very minute.

I suggest 12 months of dating before making life-changing decisions. What is this person like in summer? How does he react to important moments in life? How does he treat his family and friends? What are the holidays like for him? These are some of the areas you need to explore before making major decisions about your future. If after all this you decide to take the plunge, let me know. I will buy you a slow cooker, and I’ll also sing “The Rose” at your reception. You’re welcome.




June 19: Bike Night at Harley-Davidson Museum (400 W. Canal St.): It’s time to shake, throttle and roll! Are you a Dyke with a bike? A Homo with a Harley? Maybe you were simply born to be wild. Get your motor running and celebrate the opening of “The American Road,” the summer exhibit at the hot spot where motorheads and cheeseheads unite. The 5 p.m. event features discounts on the museum’s entrance fee, drink specials, raffle prizes and more leather vests than you can shake an exhaust pipe at.


June 19: Aware Wisconsin Open House at the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin (1456 Junction Ave., Racine): Learn all the great things this exciting group has in store. Deemed a safe place for everyone dealing with issues relating to HIV, this wonderful organization is sure to benefit the state in many ways. The open house begins at 6:30 p.m.


June 20: Retro Dance Party at Mad Planet (533 E. Center St.): See why this weekly flashback Friday scene is considered one of the best in Milwaukee. A $5 cover helps you celebrate the ’80s and ’90s like never before. Girls just want to have fun at this love shack that gets the night going at 9 p.m.


June 21: Rainbow Beach Party at North Beach Oasis (100 Kewaunee St., Racine): Food, games and fun are on the menu for this seaside soiree hosted by the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin. Bring your own blankets/chairs but leave the booze at home because all ages are welcome to the beach-blanket bonanza. Remember to grab your suntan lotion because this annual get-together runs 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


June 24: Cream City Cabaret at Riverwest Public House (815 E. Locust St.): Spice things up with a bump-and-grind burlesque show that’s sure to put a little sizzle in your week—and I do mean “little.” Why? Because this month’s show features guest star Viva La Muerte (aka Pint Sized Pepper), a little person making a big name for herself in dance clubs from coast to coast. A $5 cover gets you into this 10 p.m. event.


Have a question for Ruthie? Simply email her at DearRuthie@Shepex.com.


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