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Wednesday, July 2 @ The KNE (K-Nation Entertainment) New Music Stage, 9 p.m.

Jun. 16, 2014
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Within the Milwaukee music scene, there are few musicians who have proven to be more influential than Davey von Bohlen. With his work throughout the 1990s in The Promise Ring, von Bohlen helped to define the aesthetics of Midwestern emo, a genre that continues to influence a myriad of acts well into the 21st century. Since 2003, von Bohlen has led Maritime, a band that, over the course of four full-length albums, has provided a template for acts hoping to mature gracefully while staying in touch with the youthful spirit that attracted them to music so many years ago.

That’s not to say that the striking of this balance between evolution and ebullience has come easily to Maritime. Throughout their decade-plus existence the band has weathered a variety of line-up changes, label dramas, health scares and expanding families. Fans may realize that it’s now been more than three years since the release of Maritime’s most recent album, 2011’s Human Hearts, the group’s most realized and confident album to date. Yet the past year has found the band playing out on a more frequent basis, and von Bohlen has recently noted that Maritime is currently writing a new album, one with a tentative early 2015 release date.


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