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Lady Gaga w/ Crayon Pop

Thursday, June 26 @ Marcus Amphitheater, 7:30 p.m.

Jun. 16, 2014
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Artpop will not be remembered as Lady Gaga’s finest hour. Though the pop star’s third album met with decent, if not necessarily glowing, reviews, its creation was reportedly fraught with conflicts that drove a wedge between the singer and her inner circle, and the record underperformed badly—so much so that (grossly exaggerated) rumors spread suggesting it had lost her label a whopping $25 million, forcing staff layoffs.

So, yes, Gaga’s career has seen better days. At this point, though, it’ll take more than one flopped album to sink the singer, whose legacy has already been well cemented. Gaga’s outlandish costumes and proudly arty sensibilities reshaped the look and feel of pop music in the late ’00s, and her dance-pop hits primed Top 40 radio for the electronic sounds that now completely dominate the format. And most nobly of all, the singer’s tireless LGBT activism has helped usher in a more tolerant, inclusive era of pop. For decades pop had been the de facto music of the majority, but Gaga proved it can speak just as powerfully to outcasts and eccentrics as well.


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