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Luke Bryan w/ Danielle Bradbery

Saturday, June 28 @ Marcus Amphitheater, 7:30 p.m.

Jun. 18, 2014
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He’s come to be about as known for his lighthouse-bright smile, wagging backside and people in his organization begrudging George Strait on Twitter for winning an award for which their boss was nominated, but Luke Bryan’s notoriety started with his music. Early singles such as “All My Friends Say” and “Rain is a Good Thing” didn’t indicate that Bryan would be much more than a reliably rowdy pop country rake. It wouldn’t take long, however, before he would become a controversially divisive figure on whom many fans and critics would lay the blame for an artistic bankruptcy in his music’s current iteration on commercial radio.

That’s what can happen when you go from singing about pestering a paramour to switch from listening to Hoobastank on an iPod to Hank Williams Sr. on eight-track to bragging about making it rain to a soundtrack of a mixtape featuring Conway Twitty and T-Pain. Bryan’s taken heat aplenty for that and other lyrical choices and the twanged-up glam metal behind them. Though probably befitting a singer responsible for an annual series of spring break EPs released to accompany beachfront carousing, he has taken that criticism in stride—and embodying an ideal of babe magnet masculinity has probably made that stride mighty easy to take. Bryan’s slick shindig of a show at the Marcus Amphitheater should guarantee copious swooning and sing-alongs. (Jamie Lee Rake)



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