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Trimborn Farm Hosts Quasimondo

‘Animal Farm’ takes to Milwaukee County historical site

Jun. 27, 2014
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Animal Farm
Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre will close out its second season with Brian Rott’s original theatrical adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Rott, Quasimondo’s founding artistic director, will also be directing the show that he says “walks a brilliant line between silly and shocking.” The premise: a group of oppressed beasts overthrow a tyrannical dictator with aspirations to create a new existence for animals without whips and cages, but they inexorably fall victim to the corruption of power. Rott says, “For me, the show urges others to avoid complacency and thoughtless consumption. It prompts people to actively investigate and assess their decision-making process.”

 A cast of 14 puppeteers/actors will animate elaborate animal puppets designed by Puppet Master Andrew Parchman—and Rott says, “It’s kind of spectacular.” A live four-piece ensemble will perform music and sound effects composed by the show’s Assistant Director Ben Yela. And what better way to bring an even greater sense of reality to this multifaceted production than performing it at a farm! If you’ve seen Quasimondo before, you know this is going to be a one-of-a-kind theater experience.

Animal Farm runs July 7-14 at Trimborn Farm in Greendale (8881 W. Grange Ave.). For more information or to buy tickets, call 717-34-QUASI or visit thequasimondo.com.


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