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Ama-Dots: Ama-Dots (Rerun)

Jul. 3, 2014
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Ama-Dots were a mainstay of the early 1980s Milwaukee alternative music scene, and are most often given the overly broad label “post-punk.” Perhaps that’s fitting, because post-punk was a term coined by a music press for bands that weren’t easily categorized and Ama-Dots’ strikingly original sound defies neat categorization. Driven by Lisa Wicklund’s propulsive bass lines and colored by Gary Strasburg’s abrasively inventive guitar, Ama-Dots music sounds surprisingly fresh some 30 years later. This collection is highlighted by the band’s best-known song “Hit Girls,” but other tracks such as “The Cease Is Increase” and “Luxury With Her” stand out as well. Hints of what would become industrial music abound. The belated vinyl release of their music demonstrates why the band is remembered so fondly by so many of its fans.


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