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Jul. 14, 2014
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Take the Oath Against Modernity

if you know what's

good for you!

And then he went, Come

here and say that.

So he did,

and shoved the oath

down his Catholic


boy throat.

It was pretty funny, because

they got tossed out.  But

then they found out that



did away with the Oath

Against Modernity.


That's why I never go into

a liquor store

without genuflecting.

You never know what's

going to go from safe

to sorry for no reason

at all.




The Skräuss holds a sheepskin for writing and making art. His favorite thing is the mythological evolution of God, which he attempted to harness in his thesis show to propel himself into sainthood. We'll see if it works. His second favorite thing is dumpster diving.


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