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Jul. 17, 2014
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Forest Whitaker is commanding as the furtive giant Angel Sanchez, a deeply disturbed man who seeks help from Tommy Carter (Anthony Mackie). A smooth-talking, bestselling life coach, proffering truths along with New Age jive, Tommy has rewritten his past to conform to his chosen narrative. But his flaws are exposed as Angel turns on his life coach. Good performances are offered all around, but, alas, Repentance slides into the disagreeable realm of torture porn.

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

Sharon, a burned-out physician, gives Henry, Mr. Anger, the bad news: The brain scan reveals an aneurism. Sharon (Mila Kunis) reacts to his outrageous outbursts by telling Henry (Robin Williams) he has 90 minutes to live. The comedy turns around Henry’s scramble to set things right and Sharon’s scramble to find and get him to a hospital. While Williams is funny, the film lacks the madcap pace that could have put it over the top.

The Pleasure Seekers

Jean Negulesco directed one of the great dark films from classic Hollywood, The Mask of Dimitrios (1944), but by the time of the Oscar-nominated Pleasure Seekers (1964), he was all about light and breezy. A romantic comedy about a bevy of American beauties (led by Ann-Margret) amidst the sexually forward men of Madrid, the story is a remake of Negulesco’s Three Coins in the Fountain set in a Hollywood version of the Swinging Sixties.

■ “NYPD Blue: Season Six”

Along with “Law & Order,” “NYPD Blue” was one of the top TV shows in the years before “The Sopranos” changed the direction of television. The 1998-1999 season (collected on a six-DVD set) featured well-made episodes juggling multiple plots centered around a squad of detectives confronted by killers, crackheads and the usual urban miscreants. Dialogue was terse, the plots economical and segmented by dynamic images from the streets of pre-9/11, Rudolph Giuliani-era New York City.


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