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Lyneé Ruiz Heats Up The Runway With Her Homegrown Style

Jul. 30, 2014
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From salon receptionist and apprentice to hair stylist with Laurence Seybold at Carenza in Brookfield, Kohler native Lyneé Ruiz has come a long way in the fashion and beauty industry. Ruiz recently signed with Ford Models, Chicago, as a hair and makeup artist after years of freelancing and portfolio building. Now with a suitcase crammed full of beauty supplies and ambition, she’ll travel the Midwest making people unforgettable with her classy, timeless and Chanel-inspired style. Ruiz shared her secret to success and her view of Milwaukee fashion with Off the Cuff.


How did you land a job as a Ford Artist?

It took awhile! I had to build a portfolio of hair and makeup on models using my own money and time. I had my eye on Ford and needed spectacular images to catch their attention. I traveled to Chicago often to work with photographers that delivered the image results I needed. It's not easy sacrificing time that you normally spend with family and friends to do a bunch of free work, but it paid off. 


Where does Milwaukee fit in (or not) in the world of fashion?

I would say Milwaukee is doing better than the previous decade with access to seeing fashion as soon as it hits the runway and with the ability to order the newest clothing online. Of course, Milwaukee isn't New York or Paris and it's unrealistic to compare us to fashion capitals because the lifestyle here is much different. It's all about what an individual wants to invest in. It's easy to become comfortable in styles you are used to. I remember my first day of tech college, I walked in looking like Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde and an entire cafeteria of students in pajama pants and sweats stared at me. I just stared back.


How can Milwaukeeans stay current in fashion?

We have better access to fashion with Nordstrom Rack and Saks off 5th. I observe a lot of women who scoff at fashion ads in magazines, saying the model is too thin and the clothing is too expensive, while they suck down their daily $6 venti Frappachino. Is there anything wrong with that? No, but nothing will change and we can't complain. The younger generations are right on track with Pinterest and constantly trying out new ideas with openness to change. That's all it is, the need and want to reinvent and try new ideas.


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