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The Gay and Lesbian Market

Jun. 4, 2008
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How economically powerful are gays and lesbians?

  • An estimated 15.3 million gay and lesbian consumers had a combined buying power of more than $660 billion in 2006.
  • 72% prefer to buy from companies that advertise to them directly (source: Harris/Witeck-Combs)
  • 89% are highly likely to seek out brands advertised to them, and a majority will pay a premium for quality products and services (source: Simmons)
  • Gay Americans are almost twice as likely as their straight peers to own a prestige luxury vehicle (source: @blan)
  • The median combined household income of gay couples is 60% higher than opposite-sex couples (source: OpusComm Group)
  • Compared to the national average, gay people are three times more likely to choose to live in racially, ethnically and culturally diverse communities (source: Gertler and Vinodrai)
  • Creative and innovative people driving the tech economy seek places high in cultural, racial and ethnic diversity, including gays and lesbians (source: Gary Gates and Brookings Institute)


Given his political beliefs and past comments about women, is Judge Neil Gorsuch too out of touch with the mainstream to serve on the Supreme Court?

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