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Lionheart Spices

Add a pinch of local flavor to your cooking

Oct. 21, 2014
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After years of being bored by the bland barbecue spice blends available at their local grocery store, brothers Luke and Peter Leonhardt began experimenting to create their own signature blend. The results were so popular with friends and family that they decided to package and sell their unique spice blend.

In 2011, the brothers were ready to meet the public and started making appearances at local farmers markets. The barbecue blend, as well as a few other custom blends, were so well received that the Leonhardts were soon selling their products online. Now, in addition to online sales and farmers markets in the summer, the Lionheart Spice blends are available locally at Outpost Natural Foods, Tall Guy and a Grill, Riverwest Co-op and Bunzel’s Old-Fashioned Meat Market.

The Original Barbeque dry rub has a hint of heat from some cayenne pepper, but it’s definitely the brown sugar and cinnamon that make it so tasty. It’s great on any meat you’re going to cook for a long time on a low heat, like ribs or brisket.

One of Lionheart’s best sellers, Smoked Herb & Garlic, is beloved by garlic fans. This one is perfect to use on veggies or chicken. For those with a love of spicy heat, try the Cajun-inspired Bourbon Street blend for your jambalaya and gumbo, or go for the smoky medium heat of the Chipotle blend which works great for Mexican food.

If your tastes lean more towards the mild, try the subtle Lemon & Rosemary blend, which works well for seafood and roasted pork. Or try the all-around seasoning blend, Scarborough Faire, which features the flavors of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Looking for a topping for your French toast or pumpkin pie? Lionheart’s Sugar & Spice blend is a perfect combination of sweet and cinnamon to lend great flavor to your breakfast or baked goods.

For more information, visit lionheartspices.com.


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