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A Downhome Brewpub in Bay View

Oct. 21, 2014
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While most local brewpubs are big productions, typically the product of veteran restaurateurs, multiple investors and towers of market research, Bay View’s new District 14 Brewery and Pub (2273 S. Howell Ave., next to Café Lulu) opts for a more intimate, homemade feel.

The brewery is a labor of love for owner Matt McCulloch, who built the cozy wood bar and brews all the beer himself. Beyond a dartboard and a couple of small TVs that are usually turned off, there’s nothing resembling a bell or whistle here—it’s all about the beer. An aggressive American pale ale, the Malty McHoppenstein, packs plenty of hops with only mild bitterness, while the Sexual Chocolate ale is rich and boozy.

For those who prefer something lighter, there’s the Dirty Blonde, a highly sessionable pilsner with pronounced straw notes. The bar also offers flights, with sample-sized pours of up to four brews, and a variety of adventurous beer cocktails. 


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