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Joe’s K Ranch

Comfort food, timeless dishes, affordable prices

Dec. 30, 2014
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Photo Credit: Rachel Buth
Imagine a world where foodies do not exist. There are no organic arugula or infused craft cocktails and even portabella mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes are unheard of. A few decades ago this was the norm, especially in outer suburbia. Many old-school restaurants and supper clubs, bastions of red meat, potatoes and classic fish fry, have closed in recent years. But the old ways live on at Joe’s K Ranch. For those willing to deal with a dining area just to the side of a busy bar, paper napkins and Formica tabletops, there are rewards in the form of decent no-nonsense fare and affordable prices.

Starters are optional here, as all supper club specialties include soup, salad and a breadbasket with pieces of garlic toast. Otherwise, expect items like chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks. Jalapeño poppers are as trendy as this menu gets. Do consider frickles, which are deep-fried battered dill pickle chips, or the onion rings in a light batter and hot from the fryer. They are perfect finger food before a rack of ribs or prime rib. Soups are good enough. Most diners opt for the French onion with a broth that is easy on the salt; the optional cheese makes it a delightfully gooey mess.

As for the dinner entrées prime rib and the Friday fish fry are the main draws. BBQ ribs are also worthy of a visit. A full rack will barely run $20 and is a huge serving. Look for supper club lunch specialties like the half-rack with shrimp, which is only $15.99. But the prime rib is definitely the house specialty with a timeless, straightforward preparation resulting in juicy, tender meat. Order it with onion rings or a side-baked potato. Entrées include a simple salad of iceberg lettuce. The optional blue cheese dressing is simplicity itself, just crumbled cheese and sour cream. The Friday fish fry offers cod, perch and walleye. Orange roughy also appears as a special. Many sandwich choices also make this a good place for families.


Joe’s K Ranch

4840 S. Whitnall Ave.




Handicapped access: yes


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